About us

Sjavaridjan Rifi was founded in the year 1994 by Kristinn J. Friðþjófsson and family. Fishing and processing seafood has been a part of the family heritage for nearly half a century. Sjavaridjan Rifi has a reputation for great quality and it has grown since the processing plant was established, where the main goal is quality and purity. Employees are 25.

Sjavaridjan Rifi is located on the dockside in the fishing village of Rif. Rif is a village with nearly 200 residents and is a part of Snæfellsbær which has a population of 1.700 residents.

Daily transport is from Rif to Reykjavík and to the International Airport in Keflavík (250 km./155 miles).

To maintain top quality both vessels of the fishing company Kristinn J. Friðþjófsson are equipped with long line fishing gear.

In the year 2015 Sjavaridjan Rifi took a big step in updating to the latest technology in fish processing and invested in Valka Water Jet Cutter. The Valka Cutter is a combination of an X-ray and 3D image processing system. Robot controlled water jets remove pin bones and cut the fillet into desired portions. The latest update is aligner grader that simultaneously grades and packs produce into boxes


We focus on bringing top quality cod products from the N-Atlantic Ocean to your location.  Majority of our production is flown to various destinations in Europe and North America.

We emphasise on quality, purity and reliability and are conscious about different fishing methods practiced. Long line-equipped vessels are used to obtain fish that are both operated by the fishing company Kristinn J. Fridthjofsson and specially selected vessels. Strict quality control is carried out when ever wild fish is received and also when final product is ready. We closely monitor all advances in the processing of seafood and find ways to satisfy our cosumers.

The quality management of Sjavaridjan Rifi is based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points),  with internal control we ensure hygienic food, safe working environment and simplifying all processes. The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (www.mast.is) also perform periodic audits and it is always a pleasure when we get a visit from our costumers.

As mentioned before Sjavaridjan Rifi can offer customized solutions, so do not hesitate to contact us.


Sjavaridjan Rifi has a contract with the fishing company Kristinn J. Frithjofsson that is the company’s main supplier of wild caught fish.

The fishing company owns and operates two vessels, Hamar SH 224 and Stakkhamar SH220. Hamar is a 344 metric ton steel ship and Stakkhamar is a 30 metric ton plastic boat.

Roughly one thousand ton comes from these two vessels but other wild caught fish comes from specially selected vessels and from the local fish auction.

Responsible fishing

The fishing grounds around Iceland are a resource and it is very important that we use it wisely to make sure it is self-sufficient. Sjavaridjan Rifi operates by applicable laws that sustain exploitation of fish stocks and the aim to utilize all by-products.

Sjavaridjan Rifi is certified by Marine Stewart Council and is a proud member of Iceland Responsible Fisheries